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In 2022, Karl became the first human to paddle 420 miles of the Northwest Passage on a standup paddleboard. What began as a single season expedition has evolved into something much deeper: a multi year connection with the land and people of the Arctic. 

Continuing his paddle in 2023, Karl paddled from 
Paulatuk to Kugluktuk, Nunavut, another 457 mile trip, and continuing each year until reaching Pond Inlet in 2026.

Karl has dipped his blade in the Arctic Ocean's deceptive waters for a total of 877 miles.  


Map of Northwest Passage

Following his return from the Arctic in 2022, Karl was asked to write about his experience in 48North, the preeminent PNW water tribe rag. Distilling the experience in his own words, this article helps best describe the pure joy... and wild expanse that is the modern day Arctic. 

Karl Kruger paddling the Arctic
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