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420 Miles...

Tuktoyaktuk to Paulatuk! 420 miles, 14 days 21 hours.

We can now say, "yes, someone HAS paddled 420 miles of the Arctic on a stand up paddleboard", which -- until yesterday -- was something no one has ever said before...


As Karl was paddling into Paulatuk yesterday, he was greeted by a man on the beach, "I'm Joe -- Welcome to Paulatuk" ... Joe then asked Karl where he was going and helped Karl load his board and gear onto his 4-wheeler (see pic below). Karl said how amazing that felt to be welcomed as he paddled into the community.

Paulatuk is a costal village of 300, accessible by air and by sea only -- no roads. Today Karl is relaxing in his hotel room (no bears! hot shower!) and swapping stories with hunters and other community members. He said the hotel building is also where the grocery store and government office are, so its a bit of the "town square".

There is internet and cell service in Paulatuk, and next post will be Karl sharing HIS words and pictures! Thank you all for joining me on Karl updates so far. Karl, back to you...

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