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Back in the Arctic

Arrived Paulatuk NWT. It was a long 24 hours to get here from my rest stop in Canmore/ Alberta…after blasting off from Thorne Bay, AK to Ketchikan and Seattle…All of my gear made it with me with few problems. Only two bags are guaranteed on the smaller flights…and I had 4. Relieved to have it all here.

My food/ fuel/ stove drop to Paulatuk was not sent in time by the expediters…so I am posted up here in Paulatuk until then. At first I was mostly frustrated…maybe I still am just a little bit…since it is such a beautiful day for paddling…but I’m also grateful for the time to sit and think. Slow down. Get ready to go. I’ll wander around, shoot photos, meet people and perhaps write a bit. The third photo is of the direction I will paddle out when I go.

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