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First Update, 2022 Paddle

Karl update! I spoke with Karl this afternoon. He had his first night on a beach about 14 miles northeast of Tuktoyaktuk last night-- and did another 15 miles today. He's battling a strong headwind and lots of chop going around the point. But he's enjoying settling into the groove and taking it slow... Things move a bit slower in the Arctic anyway. Things grow slowly, things change slowly. The Arctic demands patience. Those who can embrace that find a beauty that is unspeakable...

The pic is THE first dip of his paddle -- What you see is his ENTIRE kit. He'll be able to go about three weeks without resupply (minus water, which he'll get from streams and small lakes on shore).

His board is a Joe Bark custom, 18 feel long and 26.5 inches wide... on it he has two Blackfish paddles (the Salish and the Andaman), Mustang Survival gear (drysuit, PFD, layers), about four gallons of water and three weeks worth of Hammer Nutrition and meals from Backpacker's Pantry.

Also in his kit: a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, jetboil stove, marinized Remington shotgun, a tripwire set up with blanks (if a bear steps on it, it will set off a blank and hopefully scare the bear. Also will wake Karl up to let him know if a curious bear is poking their nose around his camp)... GoPro, iPhones, Nav devices, VHF radio, solar panel and charging... plus one pair of bright orange crocs (Fashion is important).

All together -- maybe 150 pounds? We never weighed it all, so that's just a hip shot.

I've shared with him your comments and well wishes. He's thankful for all the support!

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