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Off I go...

About to hop a flight. Calgary to Whitehorse…tomorrow Inuvik to Paulatuk. Round 2, here we go! This is my kit. Lighter than last year. I left a few things behind. I have better food thanks to Range Meal Bars stepping up to supply some needed calories. HAMMER NUTRITION is also on board. Mustang Survival and Blackfish Paddles are also amazing supporters. Feathered Friends also sent me some new warm pants to match my parka. I’ll be warmer at night. Joe Bark shaped my sled. His hands are magical. Also, Seattle Yachts for their continued support.

This year, my goal is to paddle from Paulatuk to Gjoa Haven. Can’t wait to get back on the land/ water in the Arctic. Here goes! I’m using a Garmin InReach this time, and the tracker is up on my website. I will be sending daily updates to Elyn to pass along here, along with her musings and additions. Thank you to my friends Cathy Finney and Scott Brennan for hosting me the last couple of days…feeding and distracting me from the eels in my belly. Also Elyn Oliver for her constant and unflagging support. None of this would be happening without her energy, insight, skills and love. Deep gratitude. Off I go.

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