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Paddle 2022: One week in!

Karl update, Day 7: One week in! The Arctic is no joke. Karl says "I'm pushing risky behavior to the absolute max here... on every level." (Translation: When Karl thinks it's big... it's big.) Weather, wind and of course, ice.

Since the land is flat, when he goes on his crossings, he loses sight of land quickly, including all landmarks, and, with cloud cover and constant daylight, it becomes a challenge to navigate.

"Navigating up here is really difficult. I've learned a lot. Nothing NEW, per se, just DEEPER. WAY deeper. The last several days culminated yesterday. It's like I've successfully defended my PhD thesis on navigational theory. Not just geographical, but mental and physical, too... This infernal sensitivity I was given is good for something it turns out."

Karl broke a fin at the end of his crossing on Friday, and now is on his reserve. While checking for other damage, he noticed a place on his board that is leaking, adding weight. (His board is foam filled, so it won't "sink", but any break in the shell can allow water to slowly seep in).

He says, "I've been seeing more ice for two days. Really beautiful. But adds a layer to the risks for sure."

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