Broughton's Archipelago

Sail Alaska is a 2,500 mile, 12-week educational cruising program sharing the wonders of South East Alaska with boaters on their own vessels.

Sail Alaska welcomes boaters of all levels of experience with both sail and power. The trip is designed to give both captain and crew a taste of long-distance cruising and the basics of self-sufficiency in a very real environment. Participants will be surrounded by like-minded people to share with and learn from.


Sail Alaska flotillas encompass a small floating community of up to 10 boats, creating friendships during flotilla picnics and group adventures while also learning best practices on navigating the extreme tides, strong currents, and other challenges presented by Alaska’s coastal waters. Of course, among all the learning there is also time to relax, go hiking, kayaking, fishing and experience spectacular Alaska!




Created by Jim Rard, Sail Alaska is now in its 11th year.


Starting in 2021, Sail Alaska will be lead by “Ocean Watch,” a 64’ Bruce Roberts steel cutter, captained by Karl Krüger. Karl Krüger is an experienced Pacific Northwest captain who holds a United States Coast Guard 100 Ton Master’s License with sail and tow endorsements. He has cruised the west coast for the last 30 years, from Alaska to the San Juan Islands and Canadian Gulf Islands for pleasure as well as for sailing charters.

Jim Rard (pictured right, with two amazing salmon!) will also be joining the flotilla in 2021. It is a year not to be missed. 


At the end of the 12 week tour, boaters will know where and how to anchor, how to chart a course, and lessons not offered by the average boating course (how to avoid grizzly bears, build a pizza oven out of shore rock, and the basics of catching and smoking salmon).


Join Karl and Jim in 2021 and you will have great stories to tell about your trip of a lifetime.