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Headed home...

There are trees here in Yellowknife. Been a while since I’ve seen trees. Lots of people too. There is one tree in Kugluktuk, and it is rather more like a bush. I decided to stop in Kugluktuk this year. Tucked in another 457 miles of the Arctic by SUP. Hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’ve never felt so exposed and vulnerable in my life.

Take home lesson is the ancestors are never very far away.

An open channel with the ancestors is vital to the sort of experiences I seek. This trip did not disappoint. This makes just shy of 900 miles of the Northwest Passage over two years. Lots to think about as I unpack all the many experiences…it feels like I’ve been gone a year. Send good thoughts as I head south and try my hand at re-entry. Much gratitude for all the support from individuals and sponsors alike. Truly a blessing. Deepest of gratitude also to Elyn Oliver for keeping the wheels on the bus, and keeping everyone updated.

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